Wine Review: Cinquante Cinq Viognier – Vins de Pays

Cinquante Cinq Viognier


Nice and golden. Near apple juice, which is surprising, because the wine is fairly young.


Huge nose. Blasts into your face with great minerality and floral notes. There is also, and we have to be blunt here, cow poop. There is no other way to say it. It’s French so it is to be expected. It does not detract from the taste so don’t worry. Also, for some reason, there is a great blast of green vegetables. That might not work for some, but trust us, it’s good.


Delicious flowers, rich baked apple with vanilla ice cream. Very light tartness, if any. The acidity is great and balances brilliantly with the fruit. The heat is there as well, which adds to the length and creamy finish.

With Food

Fish, shellfish and cream sauces. Like many of the wines we have reviewed lately, you can also enjoy this alone, as it is absolutely full and flavorful.

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