Wine Review: 2007 Chesnay Cotes Du Rhone

2007 Chesnay Cotes Du Rhone

2007 Chesnay Cotes Du Rhone

This one was a little weird, but we figured that at $6.98, a little bad news probably wouldn’t dissuade you from trying it.

Bad News First

Fizzy. We’ve come across this before: an effervescence to the wine that makes it smell…well, bad. This wine smells like it’s gone off, crapped out, adios. There is poop on the nose, which is normal for many French wines and generally is a good thing, but we wanted to let you all know ahead of time in case you don’t think you could get past that. The funk of this wine might be just a bit too overpowering for some of you.

Tip: If you can’t get past the funky fizziness, decant this sucker for about an hour. That should take care of any problems.

Good News

Color: Murky gemstone upon first exiting the bottle and hitting the glass, but no worries. A bright yet inky color.

Nose: Poop (sorry, but that’s what it is!). This scent is common in many French wines, so no worries. Light red fruits such as red currants and strawberries, some dark purple raisins, and a bit of spicy oak. By the way, it should be noted that along with our preference for vegetal red wines, we also like the manure-nosed wines as well (they typically taste much better than they smell).

Taste: Silky silky silky. Once the wine was out of the bottle for about an hour, the fizz and funk drifted off to reveal a great blend of fruit-forward, tannic beauty. Roll it around and let your tongue enjoy it. The finish was remarkable and lingered until the next sip. The red and purple fruits really mingle well; nothing off-balance at all.

With Food

Lamb, steak and even duck would work with this. Just a little salt and pepper on any one of them would pair well. We wouldnt hit up the cheese with this one, though. Just didn’t quite work for us.

$6.98 at! A screaming deal!

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