Wine Review: 2005 Altos De Luzon Jumilla

2005 Altos De Luzon Jumilla

Altos De Luzon Jumilla

From a region about 200 miles south of Madrid (that’s Spain), comes the Altos De Luzon Jumilla red wine. This table wine is a blend of three varietals: Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo (Spain’s flagship grape).

Spain is hot, and in many regions (particularly the wine-growing ones), the soil is chalky and unforgiving for grape vines. What this means is that vines need to struggle and fight all of their lives to produce fruit, and they don’t produce much of it. What they do produce, however, is more powerful, concentrated and flavorful.

Translation: Struggling Vine = Better Wine.

Bad News First

Nada. Unless, of course, you like your reds on the unfocused and hollow side.

Good News

Color: Dark, dark purple. Squid ink with some clouds. The concentration of flavors is definitely evident in the color. Keep away from light carpeting at all costs

Nose: Deep dark fruits: Raisins, prunes, dark stewed cherries with a bit of cinnamon and some clove.

Flavor: Cassis has arrived! This is a flavor we have not mentioned much (mostly because it rarely comes to mind). Cassis is basically blackcurrant, but with a bit more concentration of flavor and a touch of alcohol thrown in. The prunes have turned back to plums but the raisins remain. The tannins are firm but not pronounced, making the finish on this wine absolutely delectable. The spice is back as well, along with some toast and vanilla oak from the French and American barrels.

This wine was made with extreme skill and care.

With Food

Strong red foods and stinky cheeses. Paella would work well, as would a delicious rack of lamb. Pair it as you would a stiff Cabernet.

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