Wine Review: Zynthesis Zinfandel 2007 – $16.04 for 2!

Zynthesis Zinfandel 2007

With the 4th of July holiday fast approaching, and the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale still going strong, we are going to steer you toward some great BBQ wines for the remainder of the week. The 4th of July is of course, along with Memorial Day, one of the biggest BBQ holidays America has.

Zinfandel, along with Syrah, Cabernet and Malbec, makes a fantastic BBQ wine, and might just even be the best. Not to be confused with White Zinfandel, though they both come from the same grape, red Zinfandel could be called “California’s Wine,” since the best Zinfandels in the world tend to come from Cali. Italy is really the only other region that produces good Zins (the Puglia region specifically) but California Zinfandel accounts for the majority of Zinfandel wine produced. The Zinfandel grape is also known as Primitivo in some circles.

The Zynthesis Zinfandel is what is known as an “Old Vine” Zinfandel, which is pretty self-explanatory. The important thing to remember is that Old Vine Zinfandels tend to be more concentrated, potent and explosive. Since the vines are so old (ancient in some cases), they are able to ripen with a much higher concentration of fruit flavor, making the wine able to stand up to the fiercest of steaks.

With that, let’s get into the Zynthesis Old Vine Zinfandel 2007 from Lodi.

Good News: Deep, rich red color, as is common in Zinfandels, with a strong stewed fruit scent. Give it a minute to open up in the glass (or through decanting) and you will find juicy black plums, cedar, and raisin smells. In fact, mix all of those together in a pot of boiling port wine and throw in some cloves. That’s the smell. Starting to understand why this is good for BBQ yet?

Now, many of the wines we have reviewed differ greatly between the nose and the actual taste, but the Zynthesis Zinfandel does not. A very full mouthfeel with even-handed tannins and a silky finish. The tannins won’t turn your tongue into leather because the fruit is powerful enough to balance them. The plums, raisins, cedar, and even a bit of smoke all meld together and make you want to literally chew the wine. Chewy wines are some of our favorites, and we haven’t referred to many of the reds we have reviewed as “chewy” yet, so this is really a find.

With Food: Duh. BBQ, BBQ, BBQ. The one thing we will tell you to avoid is barbecued fish. The Zynthesis Zinfandel and grilled fish just don’t match very well because of the fish aftertaste. There is nothing in the wine to combat that and it will leave a rather unpleasent flavor combination in your mouth. But, who are we to tell you what to do?

$16.04 for 2 bottles at the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale!

$11.99 at Sea Grape Wines after the sale.

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