Wine Review: Ochoa Navarra Garnacha Rosado 2008

Ochoa Navarra Garnacha Rosado 2008

Ochoa Navarra Garnacha Rosado 2008

We had this wine at a new restaurant in Glendale, CA called Palate (more on the restaurant, as well as a little review coming soon). Palate was an absolute marvel of a restaurant. A huge, brilliant space that combines a great restaurant, tapas bar, 2 wine bars, cheese shop, and wine merchant. The place was absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, they offer a weekly cheese and wine pairing known as a “Cirque de Fromage”, which is essentially 3 cheeses chosen by their resident expert and paired with 1 spectacular wine. This is where the Ochoa Navarra Garnacha Rosado comes in.

Bad News

When we had it, the wine was served a bit too chilled; we tend to prefer our whites or rosés just barely chilled. Other than that, this vino was perfect.

Good News

Nose: Green leaves, strawberries soaked in sugar and very brisk.

Color: Watered-down raspberry juice (otherwise known as raspberry flavored Crystal Light). Gorgeously rich, however.

Flavor: More strawberries, loads of them in fact. Cream thrown into the mix, along with breezes. We know that sounds weird, to say that a wine can taste like a breeze, but….hey, we say what comes to mind. If breezes is too abstract, try laundry drying in the sun over a bowl of evaporated milk; that’s much simpler.

With Food

To make things simple, we will just tell you what foods and cheese we matched with it, though keep in mind that most Rosés are very food-friendly. Roasted figs, buffalo bleu cheese and hangar steak carpaccio with pecorino. There you have it.

Palate Restaurant

$11.99 at the new Palate Wine Merchant!

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