Wine Review: Hoya de Cadenas Tempranillo 2004 – $13.04 for 2!

Hoya De Cadenas Tempranillo 2004

Spanish No. 1

Our first Spanish wine ever here at Wine Welfare, and what a deal from the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale! We are still not sure how long this thing is going on for, but who cares? Just grab as many bottles as you can while it lasts! Now let’s get into the Hoya de Cadenas Tempranillo.

Good News: The nose on this wine is weak, despite its age. Faint raspberry and a touch of cedar. Think morning in the woods, but with a stuffy nose. The wine tastes weak structurally, but the flavors are there: Blackberry, smoke and a bit more of that raspberry. Spanish Tempranillos are not known for being huge, in-your-face reds, but rather they are more subtle and understated. That said, this one lacks even a tap, much less a punch. You might want to give it an hour or two out of the bottle to let it thicken up.

With Food: While it is a red and most reds, by and large, can handle BBQ, we would not recommend pitting this one against your grilled steaks. Try grilled chicken or even Ahi tuna. Not a wine for cheese or fruit either. If you aren’t grilling (which we don’t understand given that it’s summer time) then just enjoy it alone.

$13.04 for 2 bottles at the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale!

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