Wine Review: Hahn Syrah Central Coast 2003

Hahn Syrah 2003

Now that the BevMo 5¢ Sale madness is past us for the summer, it’s time to get back to the simple, good old wine reviews. Today we’ve got the basic Hahn Central Coast 2006 Syrah.

We’ve reviewed a Hahn Syrah before, the higher end Hahn Santa Lucia Highlands Syrah, which was absolute perfection. The winemakers even told us so; just check out the comments. The basic Hahn Central Coast Syrah is no slouch either. In fact, if you are on the prowl for a delicious red wine, we would recommend buying this one by the case. Hahn is one of the best and strongest producers out there, particularly when it comes to Syrah. Even better, Hahn wines can be found in most grocery stores. Quite a feat, and just another reason why Hahn should always be stocked in your cellar/closet/wine rack/kitchen.

Bad News First

No bad news here, as is usually the case with Hahn wines. Sheesh, you’d think they were paying us to review there wines by now (Note To Self: Contact Hahn about affiliate programs).

Good News

Color: Ink, ink, ink. Dip a quill (is that what they’re called?) into this stuff and write a letter to your mother telling her how good it is and to buy a couple of cases (preferably for you).

Nose: Let the wine open for a bit (remember, this is the 2003, but every vintage has been solid) and you will smell wonderful, damp cedar trees. Look for the deep dark fruits all mashed together and heated on a stove; blackberries, cherries and blueberries. Then look for a couple of twists of fresh-ground black pepper on the tail end.

Taste (previously called “Flavor,” which made no sense): Again, we have a wine with the nose and tastes matched. The fruit is silky and makes these wine as full-bodied as it comes. Take your time with it and you will get the black pepper at the end again. The wine is very New World, so it has some oak to it, but it has a pleasing dryness to it. Very balanced with no big explosions or hollow points, just solid through and through.

With Food

BBQ is perfect, of course. We enjoyed it with Orange Chicken (not the Chinese food kind), new potatoes, roasted red peppers and a spinach and strawberry salad. It worked well with that, to our surprise, which tells us that this sucker is versatile. Also, some stronger cheese and fruit would work.

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Read our other Hahn Syrah review: the Hahn Syrah Santa Lucia Highlands

Check out the Hahn Winery, or go visit it if you’re in California.

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