Wine Review: Gascon Malbec 2008 – $5 at Trader Joe’s (We Think)

Gascon Malbec 2008

Gascon Malbec 2008

One of the best wines and best wine deals we have ever seen. Short, sweet and to the point today…

Bad News First

Tough to find anywhere but online. Trader Joe’s had it for awhile, then it disappeared, reappeared, and now is gone again. At least at our location. It’s like the Elvis of wines.

Good News

For once, we have a wine that actually tastes like a grape. Or at least…grape related. The nose on the Gascon Malbec is pure grape Jolly Rancher. Ever had one of those? That hard candy sugar scent, mixed in with that grape flavor that all grape candies shared. That’s this nose. Hard, grape candy. Color is deep ink, staining the glass; amazing for such a ridiculously young wine. You’re going to get quite a fruit salad of flavor with this wine, so be prepared to try and differentiate: raspberries, plums, grapes (again!), all mixed together with a few chopped up cilantro leaves and finished with a little mint and thyme. That’s right, we’re back into the herbaceous reds here. Goooood stuff.

With Food

Nice rare steaks, by themselves or chopped up with some salsa and thrown into a tortilla. A wine that goes with Mexican food? Well, it’s from Argentina, which is…..similar (probably lost some readers with that one). We enjoyed this with roast pork and apple stuffing, which seemed unlikely, but this delicious juice pairs well with most. Just keep this away from fish.

Only $5 at Trader Joe’s (Though maybe not in your area. Click here for locations)

$10.99 at if you can’t find it at Trader Joe’s

The winery’s website: Gascon Wines

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