Wine Review: Christian Moueix Merlot 2005 – $13.04 for 2!

Christian Moueix Merlot 2005

Christian Moueix Merlot 2005

Well, now that all of the 4th of July hoopla is over with, we can get back into some good ol’ deals on delicious wines! Let’s start this middle of summer rally with another great BBQ wine. This is a French red, specifically Bordeaux, with a lot of heart: The christian Moueix Merlot 2005, which is pretty much known for being one of the best vintages in history for Bordeaux wines.

Most people would not think of a Bordeaux as a BBQ wine, but, let’s face it, when it comes to barbecue, nothing says it like steaks.

Good News Only: So there you sit, munching on your T-bone or Porterhouse or Filet Mignon or Flank Steak and you’re drinking a beer. Try that steak on with a glass of this stuff instead! The Christian Moueix Merlot comes at you with great blackberry, raspberry and roasted plums (bet you never thought of doing that!). The nose is what it should be from a Bordeaux wine: manure. Now some people might be put off by a wine that smells like…well, poop, but just try it with a bite of your grilled steak. It doesn’t matter what cut of beef it is, if it’s from a cow, it will work beautifully. The wine just drinks very well, even for hot weather. The fruit comes through and the alcohol is there to back it up with a nice finish that is not too warm. Leather and prunes finish off the taste, and the wine will last long enough in your mouth to merit two bites.

With Food: Steak, steak and more steak. Did we mention steak? This will also work with hamburgers, particularly if you like mustard on them (something just happens when you add a little mustard flavor on your tongue with this wine).

$13.04 for 2 at the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale!

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