Wine Review: 2008 Adega De Pegoes Dry Muscat – $5.98 Per Bottle!

2008 Adega De Pegoes Dry Muscat

2008 Adega De Pegoes Dry Muscat

Short and sweet today: The 2008 Adega De Pegoes Dry Muscat from Portugal.

Good News

Fantastic nose. This wine, as many Muscats tend to be, is extremely floral and filled with citrus. Muscat wines tend to have a perfume about them, very intoxicating. Pale in color, which makes the smells even more remarkable. Since this is a Dry Muscat, the flavors are crisp and the mouthfeel is very light. The finish is not lengthy, but when the flavors are there, they are unmistakable: melon, green apple and a touch of honey.

Bad News

The only thing that we felt was lacking in this particular Dry Muscat was some length. The wine smells delicious, tastes wonderful and then…stops. Dead in its tracks; almost as though you never even had it in your mouth. Some people might prefer that, but we here at Wine Welfare like some things to stick around for a bit.

With Food

Spicy foods would work well with this, though not Mexican (still trying to discover a decent enchilada wine). Spicy on the Asian side is what we mean. Muscats, particularly Dry Muscats, are sometimes similar to one of the other few wines that actually stands up to spicy foods: Dry Riesling. So order up some Thai curry and pop open a bottle of Adega De Pegoes Dry Muscat.

On sale for $5.98 a bottle at Wine Library!

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