Wine Review: Marraso Malbec 2006

Marraso Malbec

Bad News First: We’ve tasted a lot of Malbec wines, mostly from Argentina, but a few from California. All of them have been able to deliver the berry jam explosion in an enormous way. The Marraso Malbec does not deliver 100%, but it delivers, we think, enough for red wine lovers (remember, we love BIG flavor). So, if you are looking for that big explosion of dark, dark berry preserves, this might not be for you. Too much oak, not enough berries, which is not usually the case with fruit in oaked wines.

Now The Good: Balance. The Marasso Malbec has balance in spades. Not too much acid, not too much fruit, not hollow, just good Malbec grapes. The oak is very obvious, which some people love. There is some raspberry jam taste to it, but it is subtle. This is a wine that should be opened and left for a bit, which adds some smoke. It should also be enjoyed now, and not aged.

With Food: Steak would destroy the Marasso Malbec, so I would veer away if you can. Red sauce, ahi tuna, mild cheeses, maybe. That said, if you HAVE to have a steak with a cheaper red wine, then this might do, but we would veer more towards the Hahn Syrah or the Domaine De La Martinelle Cotes Du Ventoux Rouge.

$9.99 at Grand Vin

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