Wine Review: Kalyra 20 Year Old Muscat Tawny Port

Kalyra 20 Year Old Muscat Tawny Port

Get Drunk Off of One Glass

First, some helpful information concerning port. Port wine was first made in Portugal (duh) and is fortified, thus making it ridiculously rich, sweet and rather high in alcohol. There are generally two types of Port sold: Tawny and Ruby. Tawny Port has a reddish-brown color, generally has a more caramel style flavor profile, and is not over-the-top sweet. Ruby Port, on the other hand, is a dark, rich red and usually packs more sweetness and alcohol. As such, Port should really be enjoyed with something that can combat that type of strength, or else it is better to just enjoy it alone. By “something,” we not only mean strong, rich foods, but we also mean things other than food: as in a delicious, dark cigar. That’s right, folks, even cigars can go with wine. What a wonderful world.

Bad News First: Not much. We at Wine Welfare love both kinds of Port, but when Kalyra says that this is in a “Tawny” style, boy do they mean it. Not for Ruby lovers.

Now The Good: Holy crap. This is something we have never tasted before: Australian-style Port made from a Muscat grape. Kalyra is run by Mike Brown, who chooses to make classic varietals with an Australian touch to them. Basically what that means for us poor, under-$20 slobs is: “Delicious.” This is no Ruby beast, but rather just a rich, smooth, delicious dessert wine with smells of coffee, chocolate and burnt sugar.

With Food: Like we said in the beginning, either alone or with foods that can step up. This means sharp fruits and extremely smelly cheese. We suggest Stilton, which you can find in most stores nowadays, particularly Trader Joe’s.

$16.00 direct from the Kalyra Winery

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