Wine Review: Elena Syrah 2007 – $15.04 for 2 Bottles!

Elena Syrah 2007

We have no clue when the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale ends, but the sooner you get out to one, the better. We are assuming that it will last another week (4th of July is a big booze holiday) but still, get out there and check out this Elena Syrah 2007.

Good News: A nice fruity nose, showing very ripe berries with a small amount of soil (dirt, essentially). There are not too many California wines that smell of soil, so this is a good find. IHOP blueberry syrup plops right onto your tongue and makes up the bulk of this full-mouthed Syrah. There is oak here, but not too much, which adds a touch of added sweetness and vanilla. The wine focuses more on the fruit than on any kind of acid or tannins, which leaves it somewhat lopsided and off-balance, but if you like a big, fruity red, this will definitely work for you. The finish is a bit weak and fades rather quickly, but nothing abrupt.

With Food: Normally Syrah is good for barbecue due to smokey notes often being present, but since the Elena Syrah focuses mostly on the fruit, there may be better foods to pair with it. Red sauces and non-grilled meats will work, even chicken! Otherwise, break open a container of blueberries or strawberries and throw in some pieces of mild cheese (Jarlsburg or even a white cheddar) and enjoy.

$15.04 for 2 bottles at the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale!

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