Wine Review: Cantus Pinot Noir


Have we got a treat for you…

Bad News First: We’re struggling to come up with something bad, but it’s just not happening. So let’s say that the……screw top, is bad. There. This seems to be happening more often here lately, but, once again, there is NOTHING wrong with a real Pinot Noir coming in at under $10. These will be rare on this site.

Now The Good: Besides the excellent flavor found in buying a bottle of Pinot Noir with a $10 bill and getting change back, we can start with the color. Ruby red with a slight cranberry-juice look. The immediate smell is of a cherry Blow Pop (remember those?) and roses mixed with a touch of leather. The taste is a well-balanced mix of floral scents (when you taste a wine, you are really still smelling it) and very ripe cherries. Smoke helps to balance it all out. The wine gives off the impression of being very alcoholic, but don’t worry, the heat is not overpowering in the least.

The Cantus Pinot Noir is made by Vina Indomita, a very technologically-advanced winery in the Casablanca Valley region of Chile. They source their grapes from two vineyards: one in Casablanca and the other in Maipo. Casablanca is in the very middle of the long, slender country, to the west of Santiago.

With Food: Hearty foods. Steaks, game, possibly the white meats depending on how they are prepared. A nice, hard, smelly cheese would also do very well.

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