Wine Review: 2006 Laetitia Pinot Blanc


Pinot Blanc might be a name some of you have not heard of, so I will explain. Pinot Blanc is a genetic mutation of the Pinot Noir grape. Pinot Blanc is both weird and cool but always interesting. Often, a Pinot Noir vine will grow its usual amount of black grapes for red wine, but will also have one vine that is all white. This is where Pinot Blanc comes from.

Bad News First: For those expecting a light white wine, this might not be for you. This is not to be confused with a Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc at all. This is a FULL white wine. Almost as much as Chardonnay. Do not chill this and set it out for a light appetizer. This wine can handle a lot.

Now The Good: This is a wine for eating mostly with food, because it can handle a lot, and should basically be treated as a though it were a red. It shares many of the flavors of Chardonnay but much more…..delicious. Overall, this is an absolutely beautiful white wine. Laetitia oaks it so it carries heavy vanilla and toast flavors. That’s right, we said “toast.” If you are a Chardonnay lover, this is your chance to break some new ground. Normally I don’t like the over-oaked California whites, but Laetitia is one of the legends of the Central Coast, and this is no exception. I highly recommend you try all of their other varietals as well as visit the winery, but the Laetitia Pinot Blanc should not be missed. The last trip we took up to the Laetitia Winery, they were trying their best to get rid of this vintage (We assume to move on to the next) and were selling it at $7 a bottle. Might be worth checking out.

With Food: Like we said above, this is a heavy duty white, and should be treated accordingly. This is not an aperetif and should be enjoyed with any white meat, shellfish, etc. Remember, don’t chill it too much. Condensation on your glass should be light because you will really want to enjoy the flavors.

$13.08 at

You may be able to find it cheaper (around $8 a bottle) at the Laetitia Winery here.

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