Wine Review: 2006 Bears’ Lair Viognier


Bad News First: Ahem, it’s $4 and tastes good. There is nothing wrong with that.

Now The Good: Friends brought this one over for dinner one night. Once this was chilled and sipped, they weren’t ashamed to say they had bought it at Trader Joe’s on the way over for $4. We couldn’t believe it. Ridiculous tropical fruit scents (papaya, guava, lime), moving onto a light butter and pure pineapple, remaining chewy the whole way but drying out just as a Viognier should in the end. Melon is normally a flavor in Viognier, but this one is weak on that. Not that it matters. $4? Who cares? We haven’t seen it at BevMo, but definitely get it now before people realize its beauty and the price goes up. By the way, if you notice, this is the 2006 Bear’s Lair Viognier, and if it’s any indication, an older vintage or the 2007 Bear’s Lair Viognier should be just as good.

With Food: We would not recommend eating a damn thing with this, but if forced, we can’t think of anything as good as the ingredients of our dinner that night: chicken, apricots, thyme, lemon. It was a kind of Moroccan night.

$3.99 at Trader Joe’s (hard to find online, head over to TJ’s)

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2 Responses to “Wine Review: 2006 Bears’ Lair Viognier”

  1. Oh mylanta, yes! On one hand, I’m so glad to see you spread the good word about the Bear’s Lair Viognier, but on the other, now I’ll have to contend with your other readers to maintain the stockpile we’re maintaining. I agree completely with you on the pairing – if you can swing it, the delicious food Angela prepared was perfect, but this wine fabulous all by itself!

  2. […] similar and exhausting. They throw an animal name next to the name of some element of the woods (Bears’ Lair, Crane Lake) and it’s ready to hit the shelves. Once in awhile, a winery will try to get […]

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