Wine Review: Wine Review: Domaine De La Martinelle Cotes Du Ventoux Rouge 2006


As this is our first French listing, we feel it necessary to let you know that finding good French wines under $20 in the good old U.S. of A. is a tough challenge, but we are determined to scour the country to find you the best French vin under twenty bones.  This first one is a South Rhone blend, from the Rhone region of France (named for the Rhone River; more on that later). So without further or do, here we go:

Bad News First: Despite this being French wine this is “affordable” French Wine, meaning the acidity is a bit much and the fruit is not very palpable. That said, it’s better than drinking a hollow wine. Worth it if you want to do a “tour of the world” type of wine night, but there will be some better French wines from this region (Rhone Valley) that will cost a few extra dollars, but pay dividends.

Now The Good: No oak; Rhone blends tend to use less. Vegetal and has length, but very weak finish. Acidity is good, but it’s a sign that this is meant to be sold for less. Dark fruits, probably stewed. Think “smells like a barn but tastes like tart blackberry pie with a plum on the side.” Should be enjoyed with food rather than alone.

Food Pairings: Red meat, blackened meats (including fish or chicken) and plenty of vegetables. This is to be swished around in the mouth with a tasty, peppery, red meal.

11.64 at Saratoga Wine Exchange

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