Wine Review: 2007 New Gewurtz Alexander Valley Gewurtztraminer


Bad News First: Not much of a finish, but we’re talking affordable, sweet wine here, so what you really want is the flavor, the sugar and low alcohol heat.

Now The Good: This stuff was only about $9 bucks, but it was wonderful. Slightly dry in the Mosel-style with enough sweetness to warrant nothing but desserts. There was some light orange on the nose, but be warned, this should really only be enjoyed with dessert or at the end of a drunken evening, of course. I have yet to find it anywhere else or see it online so if you can find it at BevMo, grab some. A great deal.

With Food: Mild white cheese, fruit desserts or a light chocolate cake.

$10.99 at

Alexander Valley Vineyards

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One Response to “Wine Review: 2007 New Gewurtz Alexander Valley Gewurtztraminer”

  1. While we don’t have any more 2007 Gewurz we are just now releasing the 2013 vintage and it’s looking pretty awesome this year!

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