Wine Review: 2006 Hahn California Syrah – Santa Lucia Highlands

hahn syrah

Bad News First: Not. One. Thing. A rarity around these parts.

Now the Good: There’s a lot (especially at this price)! This was another purchase from my run on the BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale last winter. I have had Hahn before, mostly thanks to my step-father and his wife, who always find a way to finagle at least a case or 2 of Gold Medal-winning wines for free from the L.A. County Fair, of which Hahn is usually a recipient.

This one, however, was a special treat, as the Hahn Syrah usually judged at the fair is the Monterey County juice. This one comes from the legendary Santa Lucia Highlands, in particular the Doctor’s Vineyard owned by Hahn. This is a vineyard that absolutely bakes the grapes in the sun, but immediately cools them off nicely thanks to the ocean breeze. Think a blueberry pie cooling on a window sill.

You’ll notice as this site progresses in its number of suggestions, that my personal taste is toward big wines. If the wine explodes and is full of tongue-clenching, chewy flavors, i’m good. That said, this is one of the bigger ones. Chewiness through and through with only 3 berries coming through upon the first sip: blueberry, blackberry, raspberry. Give it a minute before you swallow, and it’s Roadside Diner-boysenberry syrup on French Toast.

With Food: Remember I mentioned the blueberry pie earlier? This includes the crust, melting with buttery cinnamon, coating every tastebud and begging for you to eat something dead and red with it. I repeat: Dead and Red. Hell, drink it by itself and you’ll be rewarded.

A steal for $17.40 at

Hahn Family Wines

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7 Responses to “Wine Review: 2006 Hahn California Syrah – Santa Lucia Highlands”

  1. Nicely done! Now I want to open a bottle and it’s 8:45 am! I work for Hahn and this Syrah is DEFINITELY a favorite. Your description is provocative and apt, though I’d also recommend it with chocolate as there are also some earthy, fine, soft notes of leather with the fruit. This vintage has already sold out and the next vintage is bottled. I’d say if you have a source, get your fill; very limited production at less than 3,000 cases.

  2. Thank you for the kind words about the Hahn SLH Syrah. Yes, I might be a wee-tad biased, but I think this wine is quite delicious too. Just popped the cork a bottle yesterday, and was just smacking my lips, and wanted to fire up the barby. Cheers!

  3. Philip – Thank you so much for the comment! I’m flattered that, as part of the Hahn team, you have taken notice. Hahn wines have always been a favorite. We have yet to open one that has not led us to buying at least 2 more. I hope to review even more, along with some of your whites.

    Had a thought that I need to also put the winery sites up along with the recommendations so, everyone be sure to check out

    Please keep in touch!

  4. WineDIverGirl – Thank you very much for the comment! We’re trying to get a better handle on some interesting vocabulary for the notes we include with the suggestions, so thank you very much for the compliments. We will definitely be picking up a few more bottles while they are still floating around online. Can’t wait for the next vintage!

    Great site, by the way. I really do envy anyone that works for a great winery.

    Everyone be sure to check out WineDiverGirl’s site:

    Keep in touch!

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