Wine Review: 2006 Edna Valley Paragon Chardonnay


Note the “2006” before you say we just launched the site and already we’re repeating ourselves. We’re just trying to offer a little compare and contrast.

Bad News First: The ’06 Edna Valley Paragon Vineyard Chardonnay is not a typical California Chardonnay, simply because it lacks the vanilla punch that most have (due to the over-oaking). People buying California Chardonnays typically expect a good shot of vanilla, but this one might not deliver as much as you were looking for. The alcohol also gets a bit overpowering as the wine warms up.

Now The Good: I, for one, don’t like too much vanilla or oak, but I do like the butter-flavors that come through when Chardonnays are oaked. This wine has just the right amount of butteriness I look for, making it roll around heavily in the mouth. It should be savored, not chugged.

With Food: Thanks to the butter, this is tailor-made for shell fish; particularly crab or lobster with drawn butter.

$12.99 at The Wine Specialist

Edna Valley Vineyards

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