Wine Review: 2004 Firestone Chardonnay


Bad News First: It’s contradictory to the good comments above, but the butteriness might be off-putting to some. The wine was obviously oaked heavily, but not to death. Still, for those who like a less creamy chardonnay and prefer something more dry on the palate, this is a pass. You can also find chardonnays like the Edna Valley Paragon, which are just as good for less than 18 bones.

Now the Good: For under $20, this was the butteriest Chardonnay I’ve had since my trip to the Edna Valley in 2008. The second it hits the tip of your tongue your entire mouth feels full. I guess that’s what they call a “full mouthfeel” but I just say it’s delicious. Fruit forward but still just alcoholic enough. Peaches baked in butter.

With Food: Great with anything cooked with butter. Shellfish or Alfredo sauces.

$17.99 at BevMo

Firestone Vineyards

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